Armen Davis, Darcy Kiefel
Photo by Darcy Kiefel

Major in Applied Math, Geographic Information Systems

Growing up, and living in Colorado, made my passion for riding unavoidable. I started riding at age seven all because of one video my dad brought home. That video was The Collective, and some of the riders (Andrew Shandro, Wade Simmonds, and Thomas Vanderham) in it soon became my childhood idols. After a year of learning and soaking in everything I could from videos and other riders, I decided to enter the downhill scene at eight years old.

The Collective DVD Cover
Lee McCormack

In order to improve my riding skills I worked with many coaches. My very first coach, Lee McCormack, taught me all of the important basics like riding position and how to pump and jump.

Brian 'Yella' Gavagan

Then, I fell into a BMX phase and rode a lot with Brian Gavagan, founder/owner of Yellow Designs Stunt Team, and team rider Zach Lewis, owner of Tribe Sports. They helped me improve my flow, confidence, and strength as a rider.

Zach Lewis

In 2009 and in 2011, I was very fortunate to be coached by Andrew Shandro during the Summer Gravity Camp at Whistler, B.C. One of the most important things he taught me was cornering fundamentals. I still use his techniques in every race run. My interests in different types of riding didn’t stop there.

Armen, Whistler 2009
RipStoke Mountain Bike Trials Team

I soon became intrigued with trials riding. Akira Yasuda, founder/owner of Ripstoke (mountain bike and trials coaching and shows), became my coach for several years in this riding discipline. He greatly improved my technical skills (balance, finding lines) as a downhill rider. All of these coaches helped me tremendously and I had a great time learning from them and riding with them. Along with awesome coaches, I have had great sponsors who have supported my passion over the years!

The Fix Bike Shop, in Boulder, has been instrumental in providing and obtaining grassroots support like Specialized bikes. They have been helpful to me getting started in this sport through their expert knowledge of downhill, dirt jumping, enduro and BMX! A special thanks to Mike Kreger and owners, Alex Clark and Duncan Wheeler!

Mike Kreger
Luby and Mike at Dirt Labs

"Luby," owner of Dirt Labs, in Longmont, CO, keeps my suspension dialed. They have been an important sponsor to me these last couple of years because suspension is the key to getting down the hill fast! Dirt labs is one of only three dedicated suspension service shops in the U.S., offering tuning, repair, setup, warranty and general service for nearly all suspension products.

Dirtlabs and WD-40 Bike have allowed me the honor to be one of their first sponsored athletes. WD-40 Bike keeps my bike looking clean and allows my ride to be as smooth as possible.

Chris, Dan and Eiger at WD-40 Bike

Of course, none of this would have been possible without mom, Bunki Bankaitis-Davis! As a former professional road cyclist, a 1988 Olympian and a 1992 Team Time Trial World Champion, she appreciates my love for the sport.

Bunki Bankaitis-Davis